Things to consider before buying leather


Due to the nature of natural leather produced by grazing animal livestock, it is difficult for each skin to be produced evenly. Each leather could be different in shape, size and the date when it’s been received and warehoused. For this reason, the smoothness of leather article  could be uneven or there may be a difference in thickness. Customer can not get a  refund/return due to these kind of reasons so please be aware of this policy.


- Due to the nature of the natural leather, the shape of the leather can not be constant.

- Because of the nature of natural leather, scratches, holes, wrinkles could be on the skin.

  (For these reasons, its not possible to get return/refund/exchange)

- Depending on the resolution of the monitor and the environment, the color may differ form the actual leather color.

- Depending on the leather processing condition, the thickness, texture, and elasticity of each leather may vary.

- Natural leather is not in a square formal shape.  if you are looking for a certain size, we recommend to buy 1.5~2 times larger size leather that you measured.

- The thickness of the leather may vary from 0.2~0.3 mm depending on where we measure.

(The thickness of the leather is listed on the product details area. It is the average size.)

Some of the leather’s back side may have slight contamination and contamination. If you want to use the backside of the leather, please contact us before ordering. (Exchanges/refunds/returns are not allowed after receiving the product without doing so.)


Nature of natural leather

There may be holes on the leather due to the removal of wound on skin or fire branding  marks


The backside color of the leather may differ from the picture. This is one of the characteristic ot natural leather, so if you are planning to use this part, please contact us before buying.



Depending on the leather, number may be written or marked on the back.



Natural leather can have holes, scratches, contamination, wrinkles etc.. It can cause stains depending on how you use it.




There could be fire brand marks on leather..



Leathers with a large size per sheet may have fold mark, wrinkles, or tape marks on the edges or back of the leather due to the process of packaging or shipping delivery.