Who should buy our product? 

Our products are intended for all types of customers who are passionate in leather : from the craftsman to creative designers anywhere in the world.  We can export to over 120 countries.  We have worked so hard to make sure our shipping costs are low so that our customers could enjoy our premium leather at the best price. 

How can we offer best price? 

We could offer our leather at the great price to our customers since we are one of the largest leather wholesalers in South Korea. We purchase large quantity of leather directly from tanneries and import to South Korea without paying imported tax thanks to the Free Trade Agreement that South Korea develops with our supplier's countries.

What is your competitive advantage?

We offer the largest online leather catalogs in the world at a great price with our best service

What is the advantage of sourcing leather from many countries? What are the countries you source leather from?

One of our main strength is our strong relationship with all the best tanneries worldwide. Because every country has their own advantages in leather production and every tannery have their own strength.   In order to provide the best material solution to our customers, we have been working hard to search for the best tannery partners that could provide the variety of premium leather to best serve our clients' need. Here are example of the list of countries that we source our leather from : Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, and India. 

What are the main strengths of leather in each country? 

Each country has it own strengths and advantages in leather production. In general,  French tanneries are well known for the finest quality of leather.  We are working with tanneries such as Haas Tannery, one of the oldest leather tannery and have been supplying leather Hermes and many fashion brands for a long time. 
Italian tanneries are well known for high quality, fashionable, and innovative leather. If you're looking for something new that inspires your creativity, Italian leather is the best choice for you.  
While Turkish tanneries also offer fashionable leather, you can find Turkish material at a more affordable price. 
If you are looking for basic material with a great value, we recommend you to explore leather from India.  They are well known for goat and lamb skins.  The quality/price is one of the top in the market. 

What method of payment do you accept? 

We are currently accepting Paypal. 

Which are delivery times?

Times may vary depending on the destination, type or carrier, period of the year and form of payment. Generally goods arrive at a destination within 3-10 days after confirmation of payment.

Can I request samples? How much does it cost?

Yes, we can provide you with a sample swatches of any article you want. The sample will be sent by DHL or EMS depend on your location.  This with approximately 4 days to about 1 week lead time. You can get up to 12 sample swatches for $20. 

Please send us your information below to contact@bestleatheronline.com : 
  • Your name 
  • Your address
  • Product Reference Number 

You can make the payment via Paypal by following the instructions in the link :   https://paypal.me/bestleatheronline  (Once payment is done, pls confirm by email).

Do you ship worldwide? How much is the cost of shipment?

Yes, we ship to 120 countries worldwide.

Price of shipment depends on the weight of the goods so to know exactly you have to register to the website, compose your cart and insert your delivery address. Then the shipping costs will be automatically calculated by the system depending on your order.