How to take good care of leather?

How to take good care of leather? 

Every leather material needs care and attention in order to last for a long time. In fact, when you buy leather, you expect it to last for decades or even a lifetime. However, that also means you need to know some leather care tips and tricks. Which is why we created a list with the best tips to keep in mind.

Everyday leather care tips

It’s very important to avoid getting leather products wet. That’s especially true when it comes to wet leather. But generally, keeping leather away from the elements will increase its longevity. Also, try to avoid overfilling and trying to stretch leather products too much, as it will end up damaging it in the long run.

We also recommend wiping away the dust and any spots with a soft cloth. It’s all you need, and you will find that it delivers some incredible results all the time. Keeping any leather product away from sharp surfaces or anything that can damage it accidentally is a very good idea. It’s hard to remove scratches from leather, so avoiding the use of items that can damage it is a crucial aspect to keep in mind.

Know where to store it

We recommend storing any hide leather, Italian leather and any other similar product away from direct sunlight. If you keep it in direct sunlight, your leather will start fading. Adding these in a dust bag can also prevent scratches. Also, it’s important to keep your leather away from heat sources. It will end up causing cracks and dryness, all things you want to avoid.

Use a leather conditioner and cleaner

You don’t want your leather to get too dry. What you can do in a situation like this is to try and use a conditioner. This will help maintain the leather quality and look. After leather product are made, it is recommended to use a leather conditioner at least 1-2 times every 2 months, depending on what product you are using.

Leather cleaners are also useful, because they help remove spots, dust, grime and other unwanted compounds. If you want, you can buy a leather care kit that already has a sponge, conditioner and cleaner. When you condition or clean your leather, we recommend performing circular movements, this assures you that the product is applied on a larger surface.


As you can see, taking good care of leather products is not that difficult. It all comes down to knowing where and how to store it, what products you should use and also how to avoid any scratches or damage. It’s important to follow these tips listed above, since the leather material can end up damaged if you don’t take good care of it. Thankfully, with the right amount of maintenance and attention, the best leather products can last for decades without a problem. All you need is to perform leather maintenance from time to time, and results can be extraordinary!