What is vegetable tanned leather? Why is it famous for leather craft beginners?

What is vegetable tanned leather? Why is it  famous for leather craft beginners?

Recently, more and more leather craft beginners have started using vegetable tanned leather, and this product has always been popular. Which makes you wonder, what is vegetable tanned leather and what is the reason behind its popularity and use? Here are some of the reasons why vegetable tanned leather is such a good option.

What is vegetable tanned leather?

Animal hides are turned into leather through a process called tanning. Vegetable tanning is using vegetable tannins in order to alter the hide’s protein structure. This helps it become leather, so it manages to strengthen, color and also preserve the leather properly. Normally, vegetable tanned leather is made using roots, leaves and tree bark, mainly because they have a very high amount of tannin. Some of the most common tree species used for this are Mimosa, Oak, Willow, Chestnut, Birch and Catechu, among others.

The general process of vegetable tanning 

  • First, the hides are going through curing, which helps prevent bacterial growth.
  • Then there’s liming, a process that helps remove fat residues and hair. 
  • After that you have de-liming, a process that uses chemical solutions to lower the pH level of the hides.
  • Then we have tanning, for the next 1-2 months hides are moved into drums with tanning solutions.
  • We then have the drying process, where the hides are removed from those drums and then they are dried for a few days.
  • Lastly, we have the treatment process, here the leather is measured, trimmed, stretched and oiled.



vegetable leather 

Italian vegetable leather for beginner - VEGETABLE BELLIZ

Why is vegetable tanned leather widely sought after?

This is considered an industry benchmark because it’s strong and robust. If you take good care of vegetable tanned leather, it has the potential to last you for a very long time. That means a lot, and it goes to show the incredible results this type of product can bring to the table. In addition, the vegetable tanning process provides leather with a very distinctive aroma. Then there’s also the fact that by absorbing tannins, you have the colors deep and rich. You have brown or beige tones that are visually appealing.

Another thing to consider is that vegetable tanning doesn’t need any coatings. That means the leather can absorb oil and moisture, while also being able to breathe without a problem. Eventually, it helps create a great patina. It helps provide value to the product, and that alone can be incredibly impressive. This is an eco-friendly leather production process, something that’s very important in today’s day and age.

Should you buy/use vegetable tanned leather?

Whether you are looking for craft leather supplies or you want high quality leather wholesale for your projects, this can be a great option. It’s downright incredible, easy to use, and you will be impressed with its value and quality. Since vegetable tanned leather has so many great benefits, it’s one of the main types of leather you want to use for your bag and small leather goods project.  Just give it a try for yourself, and you will be very happy with the results!