How to calculate leather size

Leather size in our website is calculate in square feet. Here is how you calculate

Width of the leather (cm) X Length of the leather (cm) ÷ 900

Need to calculate  including the margin of the leather with the size of actual leather(sq.f.).

The size of the leather should be calculated  to be 1.5~2 times lager ,including the margin, than the size of the product that you are making.




How to mark the size of the leather on backside


Because we import from all around the world, the size of the leather is marked in various ways. The indicated numbers were written directly in the tannery through a measuring machine, or it is handwritten by themselves.

1.It could be marked in square meter.(sq.m.) This is the value obtained by multiplying the indicated number on leather by 10.764, and it can be converted into sq.f.(square feet).

2.This is a way to mark with only two mumber. If the number is written 4 3 it means 4 sq.f. + ¾  sq.f., and it is calculated to 4.75 sq.f..

This is the most common way to mark the size of the leather.




Adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma of the monitor so that all the colors of the color chip above are visible.

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